Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Blink Of An Eye

Life can change in a matter of moments. One minute I am standing in our home talking with my husband, the next , I am on the phone calling 911 to send an ambulance for him. I have been in a hospital since Friday at 4pm, waiting for a diagnosis.It is one  that has  changed my husband's life and mine in the blink of an eye. My dear sweet husband's Colon has ruptured, due to Diverticulosis.He has struggled with Diverticulitis since his 20's.This is now a beast of a different nature, as we are still not sure if  his Colon can be saved. It is our hope that he will not have to have a complete Colostomy and have it all removed, or if he will just have to have a Colon Resection. He is so badly infected, that issue has to be addressed first before he can be operated on.I don't know how much I will be able to post, so please hang in there if you are a loyal reader. My focus is my husband.  Please keep my husband in your prayers. I thank you soo much for reading my blog and am  greatful for meeting the many wonderful women in the short time that I have started Seaside Style.

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