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"...Dalam Botol" : Movie Review

4 stars.
I don't get any generous than this.

It's based on a true story.
So, that kind of gives me chills knowing that somewhere out there, a REAL PERSON actually faces such problems.

WARNING: This is gonna be long. It's a review,for god 'sake!

It is basically about a homosexual couple, Ghous and Ruby. (Ruby's the bottom). Ghous once mentioned to Ruby while they were romancing on the beach. "By, kalau you jadi perempuan,mesti lagi best". So, Ruby had this look on his face like, "Hmm. Kalau die nk cmtu, i guess, aku kne tukar jugak ah".

It was not shown in the movie but it was pretty self-explanatory that Ruby got back from overseas after having a sex change. Guess it wasn't really what Ghous wanted from Ruby. (Could be that he was just kidding or maybe he thought he wanted Ruby to be a woman, but then it felt weird)

Ghous's been taking advantage on Ruby. He's been using Ruby's car, Ruby's money. And still, Ruby didn't want to let him go. Ghous later confessed how disappointed he was to see the new Ruby. (He cuts off his penis and puts it in a jar, hence the title, "... Dalam Botol")

So, i wouldn't want to spoil it for you guys, so, watch the movie la wei.
Despites all the bad reviews circulating the internet, if you're someone like me u should go watch it. (I said IF)

Major Goosebumps In The Movies:

- I really couldn't think of any actor that could possibly act out the character of "Ruby" better than Arja Lee. (That's his name right?) I mean, there he was playing a transvestite, and then towards the end, oh how so manly. Well,almost! He's new so it's kind of refreshing seeing newcomers on films instead of balik2 muka sama. And watak sama! erghhh!

- The guy that played the character of Ghous, well, lagi sikit je. SIKIT JE! kalau x, JUST NICE! he needs to brush up on his acting skill. But he was good enough to leave a good impression on me. (In the movie,of course!)

- There was a scene that I found very..(No words for it,really). The one that I could remember,at least. The lines were something like this,

"Ruby: Ini memang saya, Mak. Tuhan saja yang faham.

Mak: Jangan kau nak salahkan Tuhan. Kalau dah jadi macam
ni, itu Setan lah tu"

Kenapa aku rasa script time ni mcm dasyat? hurm. Sendiri mau ingt. Fikir2 kan lah ye? :-)

- The sex scene! It wasn't graphic. (Kau gila? nk kne ban ke ape buat lucah?) I love how the camera only shot Ghous lying on his chest after he u know.. and then u can see Ruby's hand crawled in. That's brilliant. Who says a good sex scene needs nudity and graphics?

- The title of the movie. "... Dalam Botol". Before the premier, people were going crazy about how the title was a euphemism for some kind of homosexual act. WRONG! That "thing" in the jar only to show how a simple action could lead to a thousand hindrances, obstructions and regrets.

- I almost had tears in my eyes when in the end of the movie, they put what the REAL LIFE Ruby has to say of his (now Her) life.

- oh2, I realized people have been complaining about the camera techniques used in the film. Well, lemme ask u something. When u watch the movie with that point of view, (a lil' shaky and sometimes the shots are taken forbiddenly), what do u think? Mcm kita mengintai kan? THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF IT! The storyline is very taboo. So, we, the audience, mcm actually IN the movie.

Bagus mcm mane pon,of course ade weaknesses kan?

- I found the scenes in the village were a bit dragging. But i'm not saying the storyline of the movie is slow-moving. It's just that they couldve used that extra times to insert some flashbacks on, oh i don't know, on how Ruby first thought he was gay? I've seen so much of Diana Danielle in the movie. oh NO-NO!

Ruby: I nak balik kete i.
Ghous: Bukan I xnk bagi. Kete u dh xde. I dah jual.U lupe ke, kete tu nama i?
(tibe2 bunyi orang flush, then *Khir Rahman keluar. haha What a CAMEO!)
* The movie is Khir Rahman's Idea

"Eh, Kalau kau tu Solat Jumaat pon dah jatuh sunat cmne??"
haha. Aku gelak nk mati time tu.

WHATEVER! *rolls eyes*.
(Sebenarnyer jeles coz die boleh sedekat itu dgn Arja Lee)


Congrats to all who have made the movie a success.

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