Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Dolphin Love

My love for the Bottle Nose Dolphin began when I was 6 years old.when our family went to Sea World .I became enthralled and mesmerized by this playful, and gentle creature that had a perpetual smile on it's face. Back in the 60's at Sea World there was a  Dolphin tank that was chest level to me with no railing. I  just had to touch one and  I  put both hands in . Needless to say my father proceeded to quickly pull me away.When we took our own children, and boy! things had changed, no open tanks! Imagine that! Living where I do, the Inter Coastal Waterway is my open tank, and still put my hands in the water to feel a Dolphin. Or when I am swimming, I try to get as close as I can to them.

Over the years I have accumulated several beautiful pieces of Dolphin jewelery, and decor. As far as home decor goes, Dolphin decor for the most part is, let's say pretty tacky! I thought I would share some of my dolphin love with you

One of my favorite. stores Cottage Coastal Store has this adorable wooden sign.

I love these hoops of mine

 Dolphin charm. My bracelet is almost finished, and is all seaside and beach inspired, from  Pandora.

This beautiful Chrystal bowl is fromNautical Luxuries,

Brass door knocker from Amazon

These beautiful ornaments I think are great all year long. Hang them in the window or on a cabinet knob.Nautical Luxuries

 Wildlife Wonders Napkin ring

Cabinet pulls

Some of the most fun I have ever had.!

Help save the Dolphins in Japan .Dolphin Project

Helping to save the Dolphins  close to home.. Adopt a Dolphin or donateThe Dolphin Project

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