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Hollywood Garter Girls

Hollywood Garter Girls

Nothing shows off a set of well-toned legs like a some sassy garter belts. Check out these stars who fearlessly embrace the suggestive undergarments. (Photo By Getty Images)
Taylor Momsen
Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen is known for a signature look that makes liberal use of garter belts. While her fans think it's great, some parents have expressed concern that their teens will want to dress like the 17-year-old rockstar in the making.
 Kylie Minogue
One glove, a garter belt and a skirt slit all the way to the hip? This is tame for Kylie Minogue, who is accustomed to wearing some very unique costumes onstage.
Beyonce Knowles will do just about anything to heat up the stage. Known for her elaborate stage shows (and MANY costume changes), Beyonce doesn't mind breaking out the garters for a hot number.
Katy Perry
Katy Perry is no stranger to trying out some different ensembles... even it means freaking out Elmo. It comes as no surprise that the singer has tried gartered outfits several times.
Dita Von Teese
Garters are a burlesque staple, so it's no surprise that the queen of the burlesque renaissance, Dita Von Teese, shows off her garters occasionally. In this unique Jean Paul Gaultier ensemble, the garters (along with several other pieces of the garment) have been made to resemble bones.
Carmen Electra
When Carmen Electra shows up to do a gig with the Pussycat Dolls, she dresses the part. Carmen, who was part of the original PCD dance troupe before they started recording, showed off some loose garter straps that fit right in with the group's boudoir theme.

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