Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Justin Bieber Pranks Willow Smith

Justin Bieber Pranks Willow Smith

The Bieb pulled a fast one on his friend (and opening act) during a concert last week. Check out the video of the prank inside! (Photo By Photo Agency)
 Justin Bieber: YouTube sensation, pop star, heart breaker... prankster! We all know the 16-year-old is wildly talented, but we recently discovered he's quite the joker when he pulled a fast one on his friend (and opening act) Willow Smith.
So, just how did he manage to punk her? Well, he had a couple of crewn members throw on some bright hair extensions, then sent them out to act as backup dancers while Willow performed her hit "Whip My Hair" (as part of the opening act for the Bieb's Manchester concert last week).

It took a few seconds for Willow to realize these hoodlums weren't really her dancers, and when she did she paused, looked surprised, then carried on like a champ. Then, she had to take a second AGAIN when Justin came out dancing like a wild man and clanking a cow bell as he whipped his hair back and forth. Awesome!

Willow and her bro Jaden aren't accompanying the Bieb for the rest of his European tour (they arrived back in LA this weekend), but that just means Willow has lots of time to think about how she's going to get him back!

See the video of the prank here:


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