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my mom said that I was a super baby ...

my mom said that i was a super baby ..

well not just my mom, my dad, my grandma and others did too ..
so why did they call me so ?
find out the reasons below :

1. After married, my mom and dad had already 'made' me, but almost 2 years, it didn't happen, and my mom went to an obstetricians for a monthly check and the doctor said that my mom didn't pregnant, and after that, my mom left the doctor's room at the hospital and walked on the stairs and suddenly felt her tummy hurt. She was curious about it and went back to that doctor -that I don't know the name- and the doctor suprisingly found out that my mom was PREGNANT.

2. After a month pregnant, my mom must did a bed rest. It means that my mom MUST NOT do anything except lied on the bed, because if she did some hard movement, 'i' would not be saved, because of my position, SUNGSANG. [that's why I respect and love my mom so bad, eventhough sometimes she upsets me up, but remembered what she sacrificed for me, 7 MONTH just lied on a bed, I RESPECT HER. Thanks mom :*] She couldn't walk around like any mother did, even when she wanted to bath, my grandma must helped her to do (THANKS TOO GRANDMA!! :*)

3. After 8 months pregnant, I 'forced to out' (read : air ketuban nyokap gw pecah --> ga tau inggrisnya apa :p), i was only 8 MONTHS! So that, I must in to incubator. I was 2,7 kg and 52 cm. I was so damn 'long' and tiny like a crabstick (Grandma said so, because I only 8months old so I was like a red-boiled skin haha). Just see my height and weight, when normal babies are about 3 or more kg and 47-50 cm long, me ? OMG! And my mom said that my toes are so damn long. Well, no wonder that I'm so tall, 'long-feet' now (it's because of the hormone actually, my mom drank that a lot to toughen the venter). But, where did the TINY goes? [I AM SO FAT AND MY DIET ISN'T WORKING AT ALL FULL STOP]

4. And after I finally 'OUT' to this world from my mom's belly, I DIDN'T CRY, so the nannies at the hospital (so did the doctor) thought that I WAS DIED [what a crime! lol] eventhough my heart was beating, but hell yeah I cried AFTER AN HOUR. Great. That explains why I'm so hard to cry and SELDOM to cry like now. When I was a child, I barely never cried, just for a particular reasons. My mom told me that I didn't cry when I fell from the bike, awesome huh ?! Well, that explains why my dad hate children who cry, because his own daughter SELDOM cries haha.

5. On my childhood, I WAS A NAUGHTY GIRL, very very naughty. This is the list of my naughtiness :

- Pushed my kindergarten mates on the sand-slide
- 'Robbbed' my classmates' foods
- Sat on a stack of dvds on dvd rental until they broke, so that my mom paid for that
- Broke the display glass of a store and my mom paid for that too
- Plucking the leafs of my headmaster's plant when I was kindergarten, so I got punished
- Always escape from class to my kindergarten's canteen to get a free drink or just playing at the playground [ My Innocence : "Teacher, I want to pee." The Teacher : "Ok, let me help you to." Me : "No need, I can do it by myself." AND THEN ESCAPE, GO ME!]
- Painting my kindergarten's wall with pencil [gue tau TK gw rugi besar punya murid kea gw]
- Spread a lot of leafs and garbages on my kindergarten's swimming pool
- Awe my friend's mother some money to buy a meatball [SUDAH BAKAT DARI KECIL TERNYATA :P]
- Never did my homework correctly, I just colored it with my crayons and it was all out of the line [I know, I'm gifted]
- Went home on the recess time to ask my Grandma some money to buy the food at canteen on my first year of elementary [my school near my house, so that I just need to walk to get home]
- On my age of 3, I tricked my grandpa, I picked all of the stuffs at the supermarket that made my grandpa gave up with me (because I was a lot of quicker than him, surely, I was A LOT younger :p) and he paid all of the stuffs that I picked without even know what was it.

and SO MANY MORE! UNCOUNTABLE! Muahaha! Gw tau gw demit dari kecil, udah bakat ;)


1. I was a super cute baby, with a big smile, chubby-white skinned appearance, and some cute expressions
2. Eventhough I hated all of my nannies so that my mom should hired my daddy's nanny (yeah she WAS still alive that time) because she's the only one who matched with me, I wasn't a rebel baby at all. I seldom cry, I wasn't fussy at all, well just a lil' bit 'UNTAMED' haha



And these are what I missed and so thankful about my childhood :

1. My mom, she's the greatest mom ever. She sacrificed everything for me, thanks mom :)
2. My dad, my grandpas, my grandmas, my aunties, my uncles, ALL ! Thanks for loving and caring me like there's no limit ! ;') I do miss all of you who had passed away, I hope you're happy now on His side :)
3. Mbah. She was my nanny and my dad's too. She was like a family to us. She sacrificed her life for us. She ever sold her jewelry when my grandpa bankrupt, for us to eat (I haven't born yet). This is the story that my mom told me, and make me very very thankful that I EVER had her in my life (yes, she passed a way a few months ago, I wrote it on this blog, just search it) :

On age 2nd, I was very very fussy one day. I didn't want to bath or eat at all because I felt unwell that day. I kept crying because my heat was high. And suddenly I pee all over the house, and that made MBAH fell. She was holding me when that happened. But, she sacrificed herself for me. When we fall, we fell straight to back (on Javanese : nggeblak). And that moment, she was holding me on back, and quickly, she moved me on the opposite direction (front), so that she fell with her head stumbled so hard on the floor. She was nearly had a brain concussion because of that accident.

I just wanna thank you mbah, for what you'd done to me all of this time, to my family, you're what we say a diamond, very valuable and priceless for us. You're a gift that God gave us, more than any other gift that maybe we can afford. Thank you so much Mbah, may your soul rest in peace :')


Nyokap gw lagi ketagihan main game di hape gw gara2 dia bosen cuti ga ngapa2in (karena penyembuhan herpes, muka doi harus 'digambar' pake obat, gw sih ada fotonya, tapi kalo gw posting di sini bisa dibunuh gw sama nyokap haha). Padahal game di hp gw biasa2 aja, tapi dia paling seteng main Reversi, Sudoku, Tic Tac Toe, Spot The Differences sama Memory, well yg berhubungan denga logika2 gitu deh. Dia minta gw kirim tuh game ke hapenya dia, ya mana bisa gitu. Terus gara2 dia main terus dari pagi sampe malem sampe batere gw habis terus, gw ga kasih pinjem, eh ngambek sampe sms bokap gw di kantor :

"Pa, aku boring di rumah. Anakmu jahat, hapenya dipinjem buat main game aja ga boleh :("

and my father replied :

"Duh kamu kaya anak kecil aja. Ya beli aja hape sendiri atau ngga hape anakmu kamu ambil terus anakmu beli hape baru"

WEH ENAK AJA! Susah nih mindah2 filenya ke hp gw --v
dan yah, sekarang hape gw lagi ada di dia, thank you


4Minute is about to comeback !!
HOREE!! I've been waiting so long since I feel in love with HUH haha. They're planning for releasing album on 29thMarch. Well, I just can't wait !!

this is the teaser of Hyun Ah

and this is Jiyoon



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