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20,000 + UNIQUE VIEWERS PER MONTH - MORE UNIQUE VISITORS THAN ANY OTHER GASCONADE COUNTY WEB SITE!!! - Hermann MO News is 100 Percent FREE, No Registration, Comments Welcomed , We Do Not Collect nor Sell Your Private Info.


Another local web site is touting their Unique Visitor Counts, well has been beating them with more 'Monthly Unique Visitors' since January 2011.  We have documented our numbers via which we will be happy to share with the public upon request just email us at:

Below are Hermann Mo News UNIQUE VISITOR milestones achieved in March 2011:

15,000 Unique Visitors reached on March 8, 2011

16,000 Unique Visitors reached on March 10, 2011

17,000 Unique Visitors reached on March 14, 2011

18,000 Unique Visitors reached on March 17, 2011

19,000 Unique Visitors reached on March 20, 2011

20,000 Unique Visitors reached on March 24, 2011

As you can see we have been growing a lot 'Unique Visits' in the month March. We thank all our visitors and readers for your continued support.  If you ever have questions or suggestions please email us at

We love suggestions, and are constantly trying to improve our web site, your suggestion help us tremendously!!!


Beautiful spring pear tree blooms! (Photo by Kathleen Mccarthy)

Another local web site likes to claim larger than true numbers.  They recently ran a story celebrating their 4th anniversary on the web, yet they started publishing in 2008.  When I do the math, that equals 3 YEARS not 4.    LOL

The above world map shows Hermann Mo News' Unique Visitors at 3:38 AM on March 18, 2011.  Over 70 world-wide in the middle of the night!!!  We checked another Gasconade county web site that has a counter that claims current visitors online and they had a total of 19 visitors at 3:38 AM.  The Only TRUE NUMBER THAT MATTERS IS UNIQUE VISITORS...All other numbers are just used to sell inflated priced ads!!!


Hermann MO News

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