Rabu, 06 April 2011

American Idol Top 9 [What They Performed]

Week's Theme:
Rock & Roll Hall of Hame

Jacob Lusk- "Man in the Mirror"
Haley Reinhart- "Piece of My Heart"
Casey Abrams- "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
Lauren Alaina- "Natural Woman"
James Durbin- "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
Scotty McCreery- "That's Alright"
Pia Toscano- "River Deep, Mountain High"
Stefano Langone- "When a Man Loves a Woman"
Paul McDonald- "Folsom Prison Blues"

The Best Damn Blog Thinks:
The bottom 3 will be all boys tomorrow night. I said this on Twitter earlier tonight, Haley is coming up from behind and making her way to the top! She was great tonight. Pia finally sang an uptempo song and nailed it, and Lauren was flawless as she always is. So which three guys will fall in the bottom 3? I'm going to guess 1.) Paul, his voice is pretty damn unique but it has gotten pretty old by now and he has yet to have a great performance. 2.) Stefano has a great voice, but it seems like every week he's doing the same thing and every week he over-sings those ballads, he missed out of the bottom 3 by a hair last week but I don't think he'll be that lucky this time, and finally 3.) Jacob not because his performance was bad, but because he sang first... and in a lot of cases, when a show is as good as tonight the first performer suffers the most.

If for any reason any of the remaining girls fall in the bottom 3, that saying of "only teen girls vote on this show for who they think is cute" will solidify.

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