Jumat, 08 April 2011

Audrina Patridge Says Her New Show Is Better Than The Kardashians!

Uh oh, I think she's going to seriously regret saying this!

Former 'Hills' star Audrina Patridge is about to come back on our reality TV screens, and no one really knows what to expect! The new series, which will air on VH1, follows the career Audrina and the life of her family. So what will it be like? Well Miss Audrina thinks it will be even BETTER than any of the Kardashian shows (and there's a lot!) She said:

"I’ve watched the Kardashians and I can tell you our family will blow theirs away! I don’t mean that as an insult, but what you see is what you get with us. We’re 100 percent real." 

Audrina being any percentage of real is a complete lie. She'll be regretting that statement very soon! And now every critic will compare her show to theirs... bad move!

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