Senin, 04 April 2011

Cheryl Cole WILL Be On The Us X Factor!

This is so confusing, every day there is a different report! But according to new US X Factor judge LA Reid, Cheryl Cole is on the judging panel!

While at The Kids' Choice Awards in LA on Saturday, L.A. he said Cheryl will be a judge:

"We're gonna compete against 'American Idol', which is just fine. I'm very confident. But along with Simon Cowell and Cheryl, I don't know who the other judge is. He believes Cheryl has that rare ability to connect with viewers that few others have. Even though she is still relatively unknown, Simon told Fox TV executives that Cheryl will prove an instant success with viewers when the series begins."

Wow, Simon Cowell has a lot riding on this. If Cheryl bombs (which I honestly think she will) then FOX will not be happy! Meanwhile there are also reports that if Cheryl fails she will be on the UK version again. Sources say if she accepts the offer she will be earning double what she earned last year, making her the highest paid woman on UK television!

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