Jumat, 01 April 2011

Did you know I come from Manchester?

I haven't blogged in ages- because, you know, I've been...happy. Happily philandering around Birmingham with a very handsome boy on my arm so life has been good of late. I'm taking my house to Manchester this weekend so for those who have never been there, I'll give you a good run down of what I believe to be a fun day in probably the best city in the world:
1) Go to Walrus for lunch. Anything in the Northern Quarter is cool and pretty unsuspecting so down a rather dodgy back alley is Walrus- a colourful and cheap Thai restaurant. http://www.walrusmanchester.com/
2) Go to Ryan Vintage. You can easily lose yourself in the smell of vintage clothes and the racks upon racks of adidas they have in Ryan's but it's just bloody funny to make people try on the vintage wedding dresses. Similarly Pop is also a very fun shop to frolic in: http://www.pop-boutique.com/
3) Go to Nexus Art Cafe for a drink with Manchester's art crowd: http://www.nexusartcafe.com/
4) If that didn't quench your thirst- Teacup is a tea-lovers heaven: http://teacupandcakes.com/
5) Hit up Afflecks Palace for all of your rave wear/ illustration needs: http://www.afflecks.com/ (just don't touch the bannisters)

So there you have it, my birthday weekend away. Pictures to follow,
ST x

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