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Found, The Cause Of The Sudden Death Of Athletes

VIVAnews - Sickle Cell Trait (SCT), though rare, it is estimated could be the cause of the sudden death of Afro-American athletes. Especially when they are practicing or competing. These findings are presented by scientists at the American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions, in New Orleans, 1 to 3 April.

SCT, which is estimated to infect about 8 percent of African-Americans living in the United States also is expected to be the cause of sudden death in military recruitment process, when the cadets perform strenuous exercise.

"Originally, sickle cell trait is a harmless condition," said Kevin Harris, Director of the Echocardiography Laboratory, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, as quoted from Physorg, April 6, 2011.

However, Harris mentions, research shows that in extreme physical conditions such as military recruitment exam, a number of individuals who have SCT potentially died suddenly. "It's also apparently happened in the world of sports," he said.

To be sure, Harris and his colleagues reviewed data death athletes during the last 30 years recorded in the US National Registry of Sudden Death in Athletes.

Of 2,423 sudden death recorded, it is known that 22 athletes who died have SCT with 15 deaths among them, SCT touted as the main cause. Those who died was an average of 18.5 years. All the descendants of African American and 20 people were men.

Whole athlete died while doing physical activity with 21 people while doing exercises and one person when performing matches. Of the 22 deaths due to SCT, 18 of whom are athletes in football, three people basketball athlete and an athlete.

"Environmental conditions such as heat, humidity, and the level of dehydration also be other factors that cause of death. This underlines the importance of rest and drink for the young athletes, "said Harris. "If the athlete is detected to have enough anticipation of SCT, should be provided. Coaching staff should also be told, "he said.

These findings, according to researchers, also confirmed the importance of conducting examination of athletes to know whether he has the SCT on his body. (eh)

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