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Gasconade County Budget Woes: First Quarter Sales Tax Down $ 25,000, Tax Collections Down in All Categories


According to the:

Gasconade County Commission Minutes 


Collector Shawn Schlottach brought Commission copy of the news release she issued to the media on her collections as of her year end 2-28-11; it shows she was charged with collecting $12973106.87 in current, back and other taxes.  Actual collection was $11271155.10, delinquents are $1212780.31, abatements are $78270.58 and protested is $410900.88, which equals her charge exactly.  Unfortunately, her collections were down in all categories and she knows this year re-assessment will not bring an increase in assessed value as Assessor Joe Mundwiller has made clear.

Another fear, is that if the Ameren UE protested taxes are settled in their favor, other railroad and utility companies could follow suit.  The reduction being asked for is 35%.

Clerk Lietzow added
more bad news, that county's sales tax was down $25000 in first quarter, when late 2010 seemed to show a rebound.

PLEASE NOTE: Ameren UE is now known as Ameren Missouri and the protested taxes story can be found by CLICKING HERE:


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