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Jessie J Says Girls Were Too Drunk At Dublin Trinity Ball

It looks like Jessie J is leaving Ireland with a bad impression!

The British singer was performing at The Trinity Ball last night and it looks like things got out of hand. Right after her performance Jessie took to Twitter to rant about the drunken Irish girls at the gig:

"Just came off stage at trinity ball. Probably one of the hardest gigs to date. To see so many people so drunk they couldnt even stand. Girls unconcious and them literally trampling on eachother. #wasnteasy. Im not upset they werent all listening it upset me to see so many young people so not with it. Not used to it. Its hard to sing when i just wanted to go in the crowd and help all the crying girls being squashed..."

Although 'Fade Street' beauty Vogue Williams told me she didn't see Jessie J at during the event, she seemed to have fun Tweeting this morning:

"Trinity Ball was so much fun, still can't get out of bed!!"

Niall Breslin and Vogue Williams Tweeted about the ball this morning

Then The Blizzards frontman Niall Breslin, who wasn't at the ball, commented on Jessie J's statement saying "Welcome to Ireland". Professor Green also performed at the event, but no word yet what he thought about it.

Was it really over the top? Or is the 'Price Tag' singer just not used to Irish drinking? Either way Irish people are not doing anything to help our image of being complete alcoholics! I recently attended an event and was absolutely shocked at how drunk young girls were especially.


After tonnes of Irish fans saw Jessie's tweet, and gave out about it, Jessie said that the reason she was so shocked was beacause they were students:

"Can i just clear up that last night was a UNIVERSITY BALL and it was students. I was just shocked at how intoxicated they were and i was genuinely worried for them. im not used to it thats all. And its not just in Ireland its everywhere. As a non drinker. I just wanna spread the msg that binge drinking is dangerous. #ijustcare"

It is terrible that Jessie will be leaving our country feeling this way. Should we change our ways?

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