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Meth Induced: Paranoid Man Calls 911, Gets Himself and 5 Others Busted, Franklin County Missouri


April 8, 2011


A man who called 911 early Friday morning saying others in a house were trying to stab him originally went to the house to get high, the Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit said. The man and five others were arrested when deputies found an active meth lab in a trailer home in the 1000 block of E. Springfield near Sullivan.


Around 3:30 a.m. Friday the man called 911, and told the dispatcher he was locked inside a bathroom in the home, trying to evade subjects who wanted to stab him. However, Franklin County Narcotics Commander Sgt. Jason Grellner said the man failed to provide one other piece of information during that initial call.


The man later admitted "the reason he came to the house was to get high on methamphetamine," Grellner said. "He was extremely upset with the other individuals in the house who had gotten even higher, and he felt were a threat to him."


At the home, deputies located a meth lab, related chemicals, and approximately 12 grams of meth, Grellner said. The six individuals were decontaminated by fire and ambulance officials, and arrested for investigation of narcotics violations.


According to the Sheriff's department, the group had a total of 16 previous incarcerations on various other charges since 2002.

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