Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Russell Brand Claims To Have Slept With Up To 5 People A Day!

Wow this is insane!

Russell Brand, who we all know used to be a sex addict and drug addict, has admitted that he used to sleep with up to five different women a day! 

The comedian, whose latest film Hop is number one at the box office, said that his sex life was insane before he met wife Katy Perry:

"It was silly. I was having one for breakfast, one for lunch and three for dinner. Which goes against the dictum that you should breakfast like a king and have dinner like a pauper. Previously I'd been a chubby lad, but suddenly I got older and girls found me attractive. Sadly I wasn't very disciplined about it and thought, I can do this instead of meal times.My success rate was good, but again, people don't see the work that went in on the training grounds."
The actor also added that he prefers his new life in LA as it is much more calmer:

"I'm much happier ­presenting Oscars with Dame Helen Mirren than I am purchasing crack in east London."
It just goes to show that men can change, as long as they want to, they just have to wait for the right girl to come along!


Katy must be a tiger in the bed to be able to fulfill Russell's needs!

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